This is the 200th year that SG is sponsoring Spirit Week at South Middle. As always, the three teams will be competing for the right to call the coveted William Henry Harrison South Middle School Spirit Week Trophy© their own.  Special attention will be paid to the founder of Spirit Week, Jedidiah Phipps, who started all of the fun way back in 1815.  

Read on below to find out all of the important information.




TEAM READY!: Grade 6

  • Charity playing for: TBD


TEAM SET!: Grade 7

  • Charity playing for: TBD


TEAM GO: Grade 8

  • Charity playing for: TBD

The team that wins spirit week will win a $100 donation to its charity.  Second place will win a $75 donation, and third place will win a $50. 


School Spirit Week Calendar - MARCH 2015



Monday, March 23                      Ice Cream Social at 2:50 PM  (Carvel Flying Saucers: V, C, V/C swirl, Str)                 

Friday, March 27                        Bagel Breakfast in Main Lobby

 Dress Themes

Monday, March 23                      Sports Day/Career Day
Tuesday, March 24                     Character Day/Retro Day                                    
Wednesday, March 25                School Colors/Patriotic Colors Day           
Thursday, March 26                  Clash/Crazy Hat, Hair Day
Friday, March 27                        Pajama Day
Students/Faculty/Staff are encouraged to bring the following humanitarian items in throughout the week:

*Box Tops for Education - this money will eventually end up in South Middle’s Cultural Arts Fund.
*Loose change – we have yet to decide where this money will go.  

*Non-perishable food items - this will be donated to the Interfaith Nutritional Network (INN) in Hempstead.





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