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Online Resources

Our students live in an online, dot-com, texting, Instant Messaging, Google-this-that-or-the-other-thing, world.  It makes sense that we utilize this resource and make it educationally relevant.  Listed below are a bunch of educational websites and web resources.  If you have any additional please feel free to contact

Math Science Social Studies English Misc.
Middle School Math -links to various math lessons and sites. Middle School Science - resources from grades 5-8 Social Studies Lessons - from the Library of Congress -vocabulary and benefits hungry around the world -educational lessons and supplies ($)
Math Lesson Plans -purplemath Middle School Science - more resources Lessons English Tutorials -middle school english Powermedia Plus -educational multimedia
Math Lesson Plans - mathisfun Scientific Method National Geographic -Lessons Biography Maker - middle school English Animation Factory -animation gifs for lesson planning ($)
Math Lesson Plans -online math learning Life Science US historical maps Grammar Quizzes TeacherTube -YouTube for education
Math Lesson Plans -learningwave Parts of a Wave Geography lesson plans   ABC Teach -everything
  Middle School Science -help 7th Grade SS   Internet4Classrooms -everything
  Biology/Life Science National Endowment for the Humanities -SS and English resources   Assessments
  Biology Worksheets New Deal Website   Kid Info - educational website
  Electromagnetic Spectrum BBC History   AOL at School -America Online at School (H)
        Middle School Lesson Plans
        LessonTutor - printable lessons and worksheets
        Regents Review -from nysed
        Regents Review -from regentsprep
        Discovery Channel Resources
        World Book -encyclopedia

($)-fee; (H)-cannot be navigated to at school

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