Using the 6 step problem solving method we will solve many problems over your three years here at Great Neck South Middle School.

Here are worksheets to go with a few of those challenges!  Some of the worksheets were created using Smart Notebook software.  This is a free download.  Others use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.


Great Neck South Middle School Technology Education

Text Box: 6-Step   Problem Solving Process     

               Describe the problem as clearly and fully as you can.


                 Identify criteria (must haves) and constraints (limitations).

                                           Use “Information” resources (Internet, books, people).

          Use thumbnail sketching to show ideas.

                                           Brainstorm many IDEAS (Do not judge yet!)!!!

                                           Compare with other ideas and designs.

                                     Examine tradeoffs (advantages and disadvantages of each possibility.)

                                            - ie:  Too complicated, too easy, parts not easily available, etc.


                                      Make a model or prototype.

                                              Try it!

                                     Observe and record data, and keep a daily log of work accomplished.

                                               Record times, placement of devices, measurements, successes/failures.



And Finally, Remember…


*You may reenter at any step to optimize the solution!*


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