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Technology 8

This state mandated course completes the one unit technology requirements which began in grade 6. This course develops a student's understanding of energy, communications, and transportation related topics. Included are activities that require problem solving and decision making as well as design and planning.

Student study electricity in depth.  Building circuits with snap kits and then building a circuit from scratch.  After etching, soldering, and forming they bring home their personalized night light. 

Magnetic levitation is explored and cars are built and tested to meet design criteria.

One semester will be spent in our STEMLAB using a computer based instructional learning style.  Every student will cycle through several learning modules that are self-paced and challenging. Some of the topics available include: Digital Photography, Construction and Bridges, Robotics, Aerodynamics, CAD, Alternative Energy Sources, Weather, and GPS.  Students will learn to integrate photos and videos into Word and Power Point.

This is a semester class that meets everyday for one-half year.




* Electives meet for one half year.  See specific electives for further information.
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