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South Middle Technology Education Mission Statement

Technology Education is an integrating discipline that provides students with an opportunity to study the human–made world and to develop technological literacy as part of their fundamental education.  Students must understand the world we have made for them and how everything they do affects its well being.

Technology has enhanced human communications, comfort, safety, productivity, medical care, and agriculture, among many other things.  However, the world is affected by both natural problems and problems that arise from the human modification of the natural world.  Examples of these include arctic warming, overpopulation, escalating drought, elevated carbon emissions, unregulated deforestation, and the deterioration of coral reefs.  On one hand, technology has added to the degradation of the natural environment while on the other hand, technology is viewed by many as a panacea to solve these and future problems.  It is imperative that we prepare a more technologically literate citizenry that is knowledgeable and able to comprehend such problems.

Citizens of today must have a basic understanding of how technology affects their world and how they exist both within and around technology.  The need for technological literacy is as fundamentally important to students as traditional core subject area knowledge and abilities. 

Students need and deserve the opportunity to attain technological literacy through the educational process.

We are honored to guide your child through this exploration of learning and problem solving.


Great Neck South Middle School
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