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  • How do I become a member of South Middle's SDMC
    • Parents can volunteer at the beginning of the school year.  Student representatives on the committee come from Student Government.

We are looking for new members.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Shared Decision Making committee for the 2014-2015 school year, please contact:

Teacher chair:
Arlene Gerber- agerber@greatneck.k12.ny.us

Parent chair:
Salima Daredia - salimadaredia@gmail.com

  • Why do we have a Shared Decision Making Committee?
    • Participation of parents and teachers in school-based planning and shared decisionmaking is mandated by the New York State Education Department as of February 1, 1994. Click here to read the regulations. 
  • What is Great Neck's plan for Shared Decision Making?
    • The purpose of school-based planning and shared decision making shall be to improve the educational performance of all students in the school, regardless of such factors as socioeconomic status, race, sex, language background, or disability.
  • What is the Shared Decision Making Committee's (SDMC) purpose at South Middle?
    • The Shared Decision Making committee is a forum for the home-school community of administrators, teachers, parents, and students.  With an equal voice of all constituent groups, a list of goals are proposed and explained, amended, and prioritized.  These goals must be meaningful, measurable, and doable.





1)  Finding ways to help fifth grade parents and students smoothly transition from elementary school to middle school.

2)  Facilitate the home/school connection to help students and parents understand and apply the Common Core standards that have been written for English and math.

Click here for a flyer with links to sites that deal with the Common Core Standards. 

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