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  • Dear Students,

    Welcome to Great Neck North High School! You have come to a wonderful place.  New York State uses another title for ESL. It is now also called English as a New Language (ENL). So, if you see ENL or ESL, you will know that it's very much the same.

    ​My role is to help you develop your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English as quickly as possible. My classroom is on the second floor, room 240. It is my pleasure to help you acquire the English you need to be successful in your classes at North High and in your life outside of school.

    Learning a new subject, such as Social Studies or Science, through a language that is not your native language this a very big challenge. At times, it may be exhausting and overwhelming. Be patient with yourself. In time, you will learn English and be successful. Change is difficult for everyone. Please know that I am here for you--not only to teach you English but also to make your adjustment to living in the United States a little easier. Feel free to come to me anytime with your questions and/or concerns. If I don't know the answer to your question, together we will find someone who does. Good luck and welcome to Great Neck!


    Ms. Erin Lee, Teacher