Student Council Representatives
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

Farah D.
Jackey Z.
Lynn L.
Neal S.
Nicole K.
Anna S.
Spyridon V.
Angelos K.
Arianna I.
Gabriella S.
Adam W.
Joseph M.
Rena C.
Jonathan G.
Anthony C.

Nicholas S.
Emma S.
Matthew F.
Shehreen S.
Nicholas S.
Juny K.
Jibreel H.
Alexandra A.
Avnoor D.
Zoe S.
Jay H.
Erik L.
Jack K.
Jillian K.
Ze've V.
Samantha B.

Hailey S.
Andrew S.
Annabel P.
Amal D.
Tomer C.
Vivian V.
Lauren P.
Alexa L.
Rachel R.
Noa D.
Justin L.
Ann Z.
Marc L.
Valerie D.
Ian T.
Eujin R.

Duties of a Student Council Representative:
• Attend all meetings
• Be on time
• Listen carefully and think about all ideas and discussions
• Take good notes and keep good records so that you can report back to your class
• Speak up when you have an idea to present or a comment to make
• Finish all projects on time
• Report to your class regularly
• Listen to the concerns of students outside your class
• Keep an open mind to new ideas
• Never make fun of others’ ideas
• Use good manners and be honest
• Learn and follow the rules of parliamentary procedure.