Search Engines


Below, are sites to help you find all the information you could possibly need!


For Students
For Staff

Yahoo - search for all the information you need by typing in a key word or using the menus.

Yahoo for kids - like Yahoo, but kid-friendly!

Ask for kids - Ask Jeeves is now just Ask... Where's Jeeves? Find out here!

Kids Click - search for software.

Google - search for anything you need, or try your luck by clicking the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

Dogpile - search by typing in a key word or using the menus on the homepage.

Kathy Shrock's guide for educators - let Kathy tell you all there is to know about search engines and help you find your info too!

SDSU's list of specialized search engines - Couldn't find it anywhere else? Look here!


Do you have a favorite search engine? Let us know what it is and why you like it . Maybe next time you visit, it'll be here!


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