Welcome to the Technology Department
Ms. Jean-Marie Reader, Ms. Leslie Watnik, Technology Staff Developer/ Computer Instruction 3-5
Ms. Eileen Magilligan, Computer Instruction 1-2

Mr. Jerry Laskin and Mr. Howard Karlin, Computer T.A.


The Technology Curriculum is based on the Great Neck Public Schools' Elementary School Technology Curriculum Framework.

Our computer technology program is geared toward developing student technology skills and integrating computers into the learning and instructional process. Students learn how to use technology in a responsible way, to locate, evaluate, and present information using multimedia resources and Internet web sites.

We have two CIC's (Computer Instructional Centers) and a computer lab on wheels, which are fully-equipped and networked. All third, fourth and fifth grade students receive lessons in CIC's on a weekly basis. The first and second grades have scheduled modules during the year. Classroom teachers use their own classroom computer clusters on a daily basis. They have an additional opportunity to sign their classes up to use the CIC's when available. Classroom teachers collaborate with the Technology Staff Developer to integrate classroom curriculum with computer programs to create meaningful activities. Additionally, SMARTBoards are located in every classroom. This exciting piece of technology enhances all class instruction.