Teacher Links
Online Educational Projects

The links below include online educational projects that are ongoing throughout the school year and offer opportunities for curriculum integration and global collaboration.

Adventure Online - Choose between a Global Adventure, an Arctic Challenge, a Project Central America or Running the Nile.

ePals Classroom Exchange - Provides students with a teacher-monitored opportunity to meet and correspond with other classrooms around the world.

Globalearn.com - Participate in live interactive adventures around the world following expeditions and their discoveries.

Global Schoolnet Foundation - A nonprofit corporation that works with individuals, schools, businesses and community organizations to design, develop, and manage collaborative learning projects.

Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections - Sponsored by the IECC, this site provides a free service to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges.

Invite an Author - Contains a listing of authors that visit schools with links to their web pages and a listing of contests sponsored by authors.

Jason Project - Founded by Dr. Robert Ballard following his discovery of the Titanic, this online project engages students in science and technology learning through their participation in global explorations.

KIDLINK/KIDPROJ - An online community where students and teachers from around the world plan projects and activities for students between the ages of 5 and 15.

KidNews - An easy way to incorporate the Internet into the writing curriculum, this site publishes student writing from around the world. You can submit student samples or simply read the writing of other young authors.

MayaQuest - This online project includes a curriculum guide and allows students to explore the collapse of the Maya civilization by participating in a live journey to the Maya ruins.

My Hero - An ongoing project which enables students to discover real life heroes from around the world, learn about what makes someone a hero and participate by filling out the guestbook with information on a hero or create web pages about a specific hero.

NASA's Quest Project - Participate in NASA-sponsored activities such as live events with NASA space scientists about the Sun, Mars, astrobiology, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

NickNacks Telecollaborate! - This site encourages telecollaboration among students and educators from around the world. You can participate in a telecollaboration or develop your own collaborative project.

Online Class - Participate in interactive units in a global classroom to study exciting topics such as rivers and watersheds, dinosaurs and Greek mythology.

SitesAlive - Join other students in an exploration of the world by taking expeditions to such places as the Oceans, the Rainforest and the Wetlands.

ThinkQuest - An annual contest that challenges secondary students to use the Interenet as a collaborative, interacting teaching and learning tool.

Travel Buddies - Organized by an Australia teacher organization, this site matches partner schools in faraway places for a stuffed animal exchange. The schools maintain contact via e-mail during the school year while the toys are sent with letters of introduction and are returned later with completed diaries, photos and souvenirs.