Community Links
Great Neck History

These links provide access to historical information about the Great Neck community and the people and events that helped to shape its current identity. Many of the links are courtesy of Newsday's Long Island History web site (

Town Summaries
A Brief History of Great Neck - A series of links to pages which describe some of the important figures in Great Neck history, some historical sites in the town, and an historic bibliography of Great Neck.
Great Neck History Online - A good summary of Great Neck history courtesy of the Great Neck Public Library.
Great Neck: A Jewel in a Gold Coast Setting - Another summary of Great Neck history courtesy of Newsday.
Great Neck Overview - Overview of Great Neck attractions, lodging, dining, and shopping courtesy of Newsday.
Kings Point - A short summary of Kings Point history, part of the Our Towns series.

Famous Residents
"Gatsby" Glory in Great Neck - An article about F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Great Gatsby.
F. Scott Fitzgerald Country - F. Scott Fitzgerald and life in the Roaring '20s on the gold coast of Long Island.