Needs and Wants


1. Select in Kidspiration Starter Menu.

2. Click on . Red corners will appear around the shape.

3. Press Delete on the keyboard to remove shape from screen.

4. Select the "Super Grouper" tool at the top of the screen.

5. Click the rectangle box and it will appear on the screen.

6. Click on the dotted lines above the rectangle and a cursor will appear.

7. Label the rectangle: NEEDS

8. Click on the white screen.

9. Repeat step 5, step 6, and step 7 to create a new rectangle.

10. Label the new rectangle: WANTS

11. Use the arrow tools to look at pictures in the Kidspiration picture libraries.

12. Select objects to be placed in each category.

13. Click and drag objects into appropriate categories.

14. Label each object.