Technology Resources:

Computer Activity Cards from Teacher Created Material

Social Studies: Card #9: Holidays/Calendars (Kid Pix)

-Students use typewriter and stamp tools to invent their own holidays.

Social Studies: Card #11: Basic Needs-Thanksgiving (Kid Pix)

-Students use drawing and typewriter tools to illustrate wants and needs of the Pilgrims.

Seasonal: Card #2: Columbus Day (word processing)

-Students use sequence words to describe Christopher Columbus' preparations for his voyage.

Seasonal: Card #8: New Year's Day (word processing)

-Students use the text menu to choose font, size, and style when typing their New Year's resolutions.

Seasonal: Card #9: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Kid Pix)

-Students use drawing tools and thinking bubbles to express their ideas about making the world a better place.

Seasonal: Card #12: President's Day (Kid Pix)

-Students use drawing and paintbrush tools to make a picture of Abraham Lincoln's log cabin.

Seasonal: Card #13: President's Day (word processing)

-Students find as many words as they can using the letters in the words "Happy Birthday, George Washington!"