Using Neighborhood MapMachine

  1. To utilize the Explore function, click on the Explore button at the top of the Create machine.
  2. To move the Student Marker, click on the compass points. It will move the Student Marker a short distance.
  3. To have the direction spoken each time you change direction, select the speech option in the Preferences menu.
  4. The Odometer will record your mileage as you move. Clicking the reset button will reset the Odometer.
  5. Buildings and objects are highlighted as you travel by them. Clicking on a highlighted building or object will give you a close=up view. More information can be obtained by clicking on Closer Look.
  6. Scale can be checked on the bottom of the screen.
  7. Select the Ruler to measure distances on the map and dragging the Ruler cursor to an end point. A running total appears in the Ruler window.
  8. Use the information from the Scale and Ruler to estimate distance from your current position to another location. Click the Estimate tool and enter your estimate. Compare your estimate with the Odometer reading.
  9. You can Make a Mystery, Solve a Mystery a Mystery or Create a Slide Show.