Neighborhood Map Machine- Solve a Mystery

1. Open Neighborhood Map Machine. Click on Solve a Mystery. Choose a mystery from the menu, and click open.

2. Your first clue is presented. To replay the first clue at any time, choose Replay First Clue from the Mystery menu. (The first clue box can be moved to the side so you can view the map.)

3. Click the compass points to move.

4. Click highlighted buildings, and then click Closer Look. (You must enter the building through the driveway.) To see if there is a clue, click See Clue. Notice that the number of places you have investigated and the number of guesses you have made is reported each time you click a building.

5. To guess the secret location, first travel to that place. Click the building, and then click Guess. You will receive a message to let you know if you are correct.

***Note: In some mysteries, specific clues must be collected before you can guess. If you have not collected the clues, you will not be allowed to guess.