Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities

Software: Community Construction Kit


  1. Students will collect pictures of different kinds of communities and discuss how they are alike and how they are different. They will gather images of a variety of homes from magazines, books, and/or the Community Construction Kit Photo Gallery. As a class they will discuss the major differences in housing styles.
  2. Students will work in groups to compare and contrast the similarities and differences.
  3. Groups will sort their pictures into three categories - urban, suburban, and rural. They will discuss how these homes and communities are alike and how they are different.
  4. Children will work with a partner or in groups to use the Community Construction Kit to create their own community. They will utilize the Ready-Made Buildings files: Urban and Rural #1, Urban and Rural #2, and Urban and Rural #3, to print and construct buildings and communities.


Use the Neighborhood MapMachine software to design a large floor-size map with roads, lakes, parks, and more.