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Directions to create a report in Hyperstudio:

1. Open the HyperStudio program.


2. Click on Create a New Stack icon.


3. Click and drag the TOOLS and COLORS menus to either side of your card so that they are easily seen and accessible.


4. You will need to create cards in advance to report your information. Each card then comes together to form a stack. Under the EDIT menu (on the top tool bar) click on New Cards 5 times to create five cards for your stack.


5. Use the MOVE menu (on the top tool bar) to return to the First Card in your stack.


6. Select a color for the background of your card by first clicking on the color you are interested in and then clicking on the bucket tool. Last, click on your card to have the color appear.


7. Under the OBJECTS menu select Add a Text Object. A rectangular box with red "marching ants" will appear. Click inside the box and drag it to the location on the card you'd like the text to appear. Move the cursor to any side of the box to resize it. Then click outside the box.


8. A Text Appearance window will automatically appear. Click on Style and choose a font and font size as well as text and background colors for the text. Then click OK.


9. You will automatically go back to the Text Appearance menu. Click on Draw scroll bar and Scrollable to remove check marks. Click OK.


10. Type in the text. This first card will be your cover page. You may wish to change the size and alignment of the text by clicking on the FORMAT menu.


11. You will need to add a BUTTON that connects the first card to the next card in your stack. To do this go to the OBJECTS menu and select ADD A BUTTON. When the BUTTON APPEARANCE menu comes up, type the phase you would like to use to connect your cards in the Name box. For example, you may choose "Go" , "Next Card", or "Continue".

On this menu page:

-You may choose the type of BUTTON you would like to have by clicking on TYPE.


-You may add an icon to your BUTTON by clicking on the ICONS button and selecting the image you like. Then click OK.


-You may wish to select a background color and a text color from the color palates on the right panels. Then click OK.


Your BUTTON will appear on your card. Click and drag it to the lower right hand corner of the card. Then click outside the BUTTON. An ACTIONS menu will appear. Under PLACES to GO select ANOTHER CARD. Follow the directions in the box to connect to the next card.



12. When the TRANSITIONS menu appears, go to the SPEED box and click Medium. Next you will select the transition you would like to use to go from card to card. You may preview the transition by clicking on it, and then selecting TRY IT. When you find the transition you like click OK.


13. You will automatically return to the ACTIONS menu. Under THINGS TO DO select PLAY a SOUND. Select a sound from the menu and then click OK. If you wish to hear the sound, click play. After your choice is made, click OK. Then click DONE in the ACTIONS menu that appears.


14. To save the work you've done for the first time, click the FILE menu then SAVE STACK AS... Type in the animal.your name (Example: Toucan.Dan). The next time you save your work, just click FILE then Save Stack.)


15. You're now ready to create an illustration! Using the TOOLS palate on your screen, double click on the PAINTBRUSH ICON. Select a brush size and click OK. Do not choose the smallest options since these will create lines that are too thin.


16. From the COLOR palate, choose the colors you wish to use to create your illustration. Use the bucket from the TOOLS palate to fill in colors to your picture. To save your picture click FILE then SAVE STACK.


17. You are now ready to create your next card. To do so, go to the MOVE menu on the tool bar and select NEXT CARD.

REPEAT STEPS 6-16. You will need to do this for each additional card in your stack.


18. To check your spelling for each card go to MOVE and click on each card. Proofread carefully.


19. To watch your presentation, return to the first card (your cover) and click on the finger icon in the TOOLS palate. This will let you press the buttons you created to go from card to card.

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