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Lesson #2

Where are tropical rain forests located?


Children will shade in a world map to indicate where tropical rain forests are located. To set up the map, follow the directions below.


1. Go to Enchanted Learning

2. Click on rain forest map and hold mouse down.

3. Click on copy image.

4. Close the Internet.

5. Open AppleWorks Drawing.

6. Go under File to Page Set Up. Change the orientation to Landscape.

7. Change Paper from U.S. Letter Small to U.S. Letter. Click OK.

8. Create a paint frame using the paint palate. To do this click on the palate, then drag the paintbrush icon from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the page.

9. Go to Edit and then paste image.

10. Go to Transform and make sure "marching ants" are active.

11. Click Rotate 90 degrees.

12. Click off "marching ants".

13. Then save file as template to be placed in the Group Shared Folder.

14. Go to File Save As. Click on Template then save in Documents folder as rainforestmap.template.


The map is now ready to be used by the children!

See example:

Children can now open the template and follow the directions to shade the map. They will save the document using: Save As rainforestmap.



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