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Lesson #4

 Who are the inhabitants of the rain forest and where do they live?


1. For an overview of rain forest inhabitants, go to


2. User name= ny.your school name. For example, ny.saddlerock

The password is wliw.


3. Search amazon rainforest. There are two videos. ( Animal Profiles: Animals of the Amazon Rainforest and Animal Faces, Animal Places ). Also of interest is Forest Family Forever!


4. When you click on them to view, make sure it is in Quicktime (Q) and click S for Streamline. The children can watch the movie in sections if they choose to do so. They should take notes. You may wish to create a worksheet to accompany this activity.


A. People

1. Go to People of the Rainforest to find out about the people. Use the questions below to help you take notes:

Who are we and where do we live?

What kinds of clothes do we wear?

What do kids do for fun?

What kinds of food do we eat?

What do we live in?

How do we get along in the jungle?


**Please note: the site this material comes from is


2. Students will independently generate a list of how people live in the tropical rain forest. These lists can be compiled on paper and then used to generate a class chart.


B. Animals


The children will research an animal and create a presentation in HyperStudio. The websites below can be used to find infomation about animals in the rain forest.


Enchanted Learning




First, the children must complete a Planning Page (see below).

Each student will select a different animal to research from the above websites. After searching for information, the students will fill out their Planning Pages, which will later be used to complete their HyperStudio Project or multimedia presentation. The Planning Pages should contain appropriate sketches as well.


Animal Research Planning Page

Page 1 (Cover Page): Include the animal's name, your name, and an illustration of the animal.


Page 2 (Appearance and Diet): Include specific details about the animal's size, color, and other features as well as the foods it eats.


Page 3 (Habitat): Include the layer of the Rain Forest in which the animal lives, as well as other animals that live there.


Page 4 (Predators and Protection): Include specific details about the animal's enemies and the ways it protects itself against them.


Page 5 (Fabulous Finds!): Include any other interesting facts about the animal that you found while conducting your research.

Click Here for Directions to Create a Report in HyperStudio


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