Colonial Venn Diagrams

(directions below)


1. Select Template from the File menu.

2. Scroll down to the last template, Thinking- Venn Diagram and Open.

3. You may delete the "How To" directions on the page and print the following.

4. You may title your Venn Diagram in several ways. Select the text tool from the bottom or left tool bar and drag a text box open. This text will appear without a frame. Additionally, you may select a frame from the tool bar on left and type within a frame.

5. Title each section of the Venn Diagram in the same way.

6. Select the text symbol in each circle. Type in the item being compared and its unique attributes.

7. To change the size of the circles, click on the circle, hold the shift key and drag any corner handle.

8. To change the color of the circles, select the circle, click on the Effects from the top bar menu and scroll down to line color. A palette of colors will appear.

9. Be sure to check spelling under the Utility menu. Select Spell Check and select start from the pop up box. Click OK when done.

10. Be sure to save your work. Have teacher check, then print.