Inspiration Directions

Revolutionary War Figure


1. Open Inspiration.

2. Type the Figures name in the box.

3. Click on the 'figure' icon one time. Then click CREATE (either one) at the top of the menu bar. (Hint: The CREATE with the straight lines will give you straight up and down icons. The CREATE with the diagonal lines will give your diagonal lines). These icon boxes can then be moved around on the page by dragging them from one place to another. Always go back and click one time on the main 'figure' icon before creating a new icon.

4. In each new icon, type a fact about your Revolutionary Figure.

5. To add a graphic, go to the top left corner. Click on the middle arrow pointing down. Choose a subject (Paul Revere came from Social Studies--U.S. History). Using the cursor, click one time at the spot you would like to insert the picture. To get the picture above the word box icon, click one time above it. Then click the picture icon. To change the word box into the picture, click the word box icon one time. Then click the picture icon.

6. Hints:: The arrows at in the tool box that point left or right will allow you to quickly view all the pictures.

Effect at the top of the menu bar will allow you to change the color of your word box, the line thickness (or get rid of the lines).