Technology Resources-Colonization

A collection of digital photos, clipart, and audio and video clips

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There are several video clips on the topic of colonization.

1) Diversity of Colonial Communities 1700-1750, The Family Life and Livelihood in the American Colonies.

2) The Early Colonists

Includes blackline masters and teacher guides.

3) The New World Colonized

Includes teacher guide

There are several activities that are easily incorporated into the Colonization unit.

Language Arts Card number 10 - Letter Writing

Write a letter to a friend or family member in England describing life in America. Be sure to include information about the different hardships you have experienced, housing, food, clothing, schooling, and home life. Works nicely as a culmination to If You Lived in Colonial Times.

Language Arts Card number 13 - Personal History

Create a Hyperstudio stack (Computer Teacher can teach and or assist this program to the class.) showing "All About Me" of a colonial figure.

Language Arts Card number 19 - Rebus

Create a rebus story " A Day in the Life" of a colonial figure.

Language Arts Card number 20 - Advertisement

Create an advertisement bringing people to a social event in your colony. For example, a Spring Harvest event.