Revolutionary War Resources

Technology Resources:

Online DBQ - where students are required to analyze documents both from the source of the documents and the author's point of view. Students will view various documents (many of which are included in the Great Neck DBQ resource) and answer constructed response questions.

Additional information may be reached through hyperlinks. A print out of questions is available.

Revolutionary War Links

A collection of webquests, hotlists, and activities.

WLIW Video on Demand

User name: ny. "school name"

Password: wliw

There are several video clips on the topic of Revolution

1) American Revolution, The: From Colonies to Constitution: The War of

Independence. Includes blackline masters and teacher guides.

2) Seeds of Liberty: Causes of the American Revolution

Includes teacher guide

3) Countdown to Independence: Causes of the American Revolution

Includes blackline masters and teacher guides.

U.S. National Archives & Records Administration

Students use provided worksheet to analyze various photos.

Multi Media Collections - American Revolution - A collection of digital photos, clip art, sounds, and audio/video clips.

On line Clip Art - American Revolution

(Use the search key for specific topic.)

Computer Activity Cards from Teacher Created Material:

There are several activities that are easily incorporated into the Revolution unit: in the Grade 5 box.

Language Arts:Activities

Seasonal Card number 5 - Writing

Students will write a recipe for Freedom. Thinking about what freedom means to them as a child, a student, and an American, what rights and privileges, students will use a word processing program to write a recipe for freedom.


Seasonal Card number 18 - Fact and Opinion using word processing. Students will type "REVOLUTION" vertically on the left side of the page. They will write a fact or an opinion sentence beginning with each letter of the word "REVOLUTION".

For example: Revere, Paul was a patriot. (Fact)

Every colonist was happy about the war. (Opinion)

Science Activity

Sciencecard number - 1- Science - Color Optical Illusion

Students will use a graphics program to create a version of the American flag. Students will replace colors with various hues of red, blue, and green (based on directions) to view all of the colors seen. Students will further experiment with color and illusion following specific directions.