Topic: American Revolution


Software: Appleworks


*Create an Acrostic Poem using Appleworks. Students will write the word

REVOLUTION vertically. They will then write a word or group of words

related to the Revolution. For example, see Revolutionary Acrostic Poem.

* Create a class newspaper featuring happenings from this period in U. S. History.

* Complete the Revoltuionary War Word Search.


Software: Timeliner


*Create a timeline of events leading up to the American Revolution. For

example, see Revolutionary Events.

*Create a timeline of events during the American Revolution.

*Create a timeline of the events in the life of an important Revolutionary figure. Resource site


Software: Kidspiration or Inspiration


*Create a web detailing important facts about a famous Revolutionary Figure.

For example, see Inspiration Revolutionary Figure.

*Compare and contrast the British and American views of the Parliamentary

Acts leading up to the Revolution. For information about Loyalist views click on

 *Use Inspiration to understand the cause and effect relationships

surrounding the events leading up to the Revolutionary war.

- Open up the "File" menu. Scroll to the "template". Open up the "Soc.

Studies - History Web 1". For example, see Inspiration Cause and Effect



Software: Kid Pix


*Use Kid Pix to create a slide show of Weird and Wacky Laws in the U.S..

The connection is to the unjust Parliamentary laws. Students will be given

an "unjust law" from one of the fifty states (not necessarily from this time

period). They will then create an illustration of this "unjust law". The

teacher will then compile all the pictures to create a class slide show. The

computer teacher can assist with further directions for this activity.

Information of "unjust laws" can be found at:

Software: Graphing


*Use Appleworks, Graph Maker or Graphers to graph the population

growth of the colonies during the revolutionary period.

Resource site


Miscellaneous Acitivity

Please finissh the following Word Search on the Revolutionary War: