Timeliner Activities

Revolutionary Timeline


 1. Open Timeliner and select .

2. Choose Standard from the timeline type and select OK..

3. Type important dates under the When.

4. Tab over to the What column and type related facts. Press the tab key and the curser will appear in the next row.

5. To add graphics to your timeline, select banner view from the menu above the timeline and then select Graphics from the left bar menu.

6. Scroll through the library to Historical Images and select a graphic of your choice and click OK. Handles appear on the graphic so that you can move it into position.

 7. As the internet may be a wonderful resource for pictures, below are directions to insert graphics from the internet onto your Timeliner page.

8. Students may add title and name by selecting Add from the top menu bar and selecting New Label from the drop down menu. Click and drag the label to position it into place.

9. There are several ways to change the appearance of your timeline by dragging the flags up or down. You may also change the number of pages at the bottom of the screen to elongate your view. Using the left bar menu, you may select Compress or Expand to change the length of your banner. (Note: Select landscape view in page orientation. Go to File and banner page setup.)


Directions for Inserting Graphics from the Internet

1. Locate a graphic on the internet.

2. Hover the mouse over the graphic and click holding the mouse down until a drop down menu appears.

3. Select Copy Image.

4. Navigate back to Timeliner. (Click on the Finder in the top right hand)

corner of your screen and find Timeliner)

5. Select Edit from the menu and Paste. Your graphic will appear with handles. Move it into your desired position.


Have the teacher check your work, then print.