Revolutionary War Web Sites

*Utah Education Network Themepark:

A comprehensive site of revolutionary resources. Including, famous people, battles, maps, treaties and acts, little known facts about the Revolution. Teacher resources include lesson plans, websites, webquests.

 *U.S. National Archives & Records Administration

Students use provided worksheet to analyze various photos.


 *Chronicle of the Revolution -PBS a Multimedia Resource.

This site provides a Chronicle of the Revolution from Boston 1774 to Philadelphia 1791.


 *History Central - Events of the War.

Chronicles major events along the way to war.

 *Liz Barouh, librarian at E.M.Baker has bookmarked a variety of sites on the

topic of Revolution.

 *Make your own puzzle on facts and events of the revolutionary period.

Primary Documents

The Declaration of Independence


Patrick Henry: Give me Liberty or Give Me Death


A list of Documents and Speeches at