Topic: Gold Rush Newsletter

Software: AppleWorks

Task: You will write a newspaper article reporting on the California Gold Rush. You should use at least three sources for your research. After completing your final draft, you will create a newspaper layout using the Drawing application in AppleWorks.

Instructions: You will have to plan the details of your newspaper article before you begin the final layout. Use the following questions to help you organize your information for a detailed news article:

1. What is the name of the city where the newspaper is published?

2. What is the banner of your newspaper?

3. Who is the subject of your news article?

4. Where does this news event take place?

5. When did this event occur?

6. What are the details of this event?

7. How did this event occur?

8. Why is this event important enough to be called news?

After writing your news article, figure out a good title it. Don't forget to give yourself credit in a byline!

Now, you are ready to create your layout in AppleWorks.

Newspaper Layout

Open AppleWorks.

  1. Click on Drawing.
  2. Click on the little red toolbox at the bottom of your screen.
  3. You are now going to create a giant "T" on your layout. This will separate the newspaper banner from your article.
  4. Click on the icon with a diagonal line.
  5. Click on the icon with the three lines. Select the width of your line.
  6. Click on the icon with the different colors. Select the color.
  7. Click on the checkered icon to select the pattern of the line.
  8. Place the cursor on your layout and draw a line across the screen. (Count two boxes from the top to guide you.)
  9. Do the same for a line that will go down the middle of the layout starting at the line you just finished drawing.

Click on the icon with the letter : "A". This will allow you to write text on the layout. Be creative! Select different text styles and add a picture or two!

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