Topic: Moving West with Supplies in a Covered Wagon

Software: AppleWorks


You will draw a picture of what your covered wagon may have looked like if you moved West in the 1800's. You will also insert graphics of some supplies you would have taken.


  1. Open AppleWorks.
  2. Click on Painting.
  3. Click on the red toolbox at the bottom of your screen.
  4. On the top half of your page, use the paint tools to draw a covered wagon. Be creative! Don't forget to use different colors and styles!
  5. On the bottom part of your page, insert graphics of supplies you would want to take with you on your journey.
  6. Click on file. Click on show clippings.
  7. Scroll through the different tabs at the bottom of the Clippings screen to select different categories.
  8. After finding a graphic you would like, double click on it. It will appear on your drawing with a moving outline around it. (If you accidentally clicked off of the graphic, simply take your cursor and click on it. The dotted outline will appear again.)Click on "Transform" at the top of the screen.
  9. Move down to "Resize" and let go of the mouse. Move the square tabs at the corners of the graphic to resize your picture.
  10. You can move the graphic anywhere on the page by holding down the mouse and dragging it.
  11. Don't forget to write your name!
  12. Select the "Text" tool and then type in a title for your creation as well as your name.