Grade 5 Content Outline

The United States, Latin America, and Canada

Using the United States as the major focus, students will learn about the other countries of the Western Hemisphere.

Snapshot of the Western Hemisphere today
  1. Geography and Climate
  2. Maps and other geographic representations
  3. Political boundaries and regions
  4. Governments and Political Systems
  5. Political rights and civil liberties
  6. Documents that define values, beliefs, and principles of constitutional democracy
  7. Struggle for rights
  8. Economic Systems
  9. Standard of Living
  10. Level of Technology
  11. Interdependence - implications for all countries


History of the United States, Latin America, and Canada
  1. Exploration and Encounter
  2. Three Worlds Meet: Europe, Americas, Africa
  3. Important Historic Figures
  4. Developing Nations
  5. Revolutions and Independence
  6. Westward Expansion, Civil war, Industrial Growth and Development
  7. Important Historic Figures
  8. Immigration and Related Issues
  9. Immigration (U.S., Latin America, and Canada)
  10. Prejudice Reduction
  11. Current Issues
  12. Important Historic Figures