Topic: Westward Expansion; Manifest Destiny

Software: Timeliner

Q: Why did people leave their homes and move westward? What different events lead to the acquisition of new land? How did the new nation gain more territory? What obstacles did the nation have to overcome during its expansion?

Different events led to acquisition of land for the United States. You will need to explain each event and pick which of the following reasons caused it when you do your timeline.

Cultural and Economic Reasons

Political Reasons

Q: How long did it take for Manifest Destiny to be realized?

You will use Timeliner and MapMaker to visually display the events that lead up to completion of Manifest Destiny.

Here are the dates to be included in your timeline:

1776 Colonies gain their independence form England.

1773 The discovery of Cumberland Gap.

1787 Northwest Ordinance

1803 Louisiana Purchase

1812 War of 1812

1819 Florida purchased from Spain.

1823 Monroe Doctrine

1836 - 1860

The Gold Rush!

1821 Mexico wins its independence from Spain.

1836 Texas gained independence from Mexico.

1845 Texas annexed to the United States.

1845 Border disputes between Texas and Mexico.

1847 Mexico surrenders.

1846 Oregon Territory (title established)

1848 Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo

1853 Gadsden Purchase Topic: The Expanding United States.


*Visual representation of the chronological events that led to our nation's growth.


Task: There are many events listed on the Westward Expansion/ Manifest Destiny Outline that lead to the completion of our 48 contiguous states.

Your job is to create a timeline that will show these events in the order they occurred. There are many special features you may use to enhance your timeline such as adding notes, pictures, movies, sounds, and web links.

Instructions: ***Remember to save your work periodically!***

1. Click on NEW Time Line.

2. Click on Standard.

3. You will now see a chart with the titles "When" and "What".

4. Type in the first date from the Westward Expansion/Manifest Destiny Outline under the "When' and the name of the event under the "What".

5. Press return to create your next line.

6. Continue in this way until all events are listed.

* note: If you input a year out of order, the program will automatically put it in the correct time order.


7. Click on the different display icons just above the white window to view the different style options for your timeline. Choose the one you think is best.

8. When all of the events have been entered:

You may begin to use the side toolbar to customize your timeline. To do this, click EDIT on the brown toolbar.