Topic: Making the Trip West


Making The Trip West


When you follow this webquest, you will be directed to work with your group to pretend you are a family moving west in the 1800s in the United States. You will choose roles and begin exploring the tasks, information links, and create a schedule for helping each other understand the assignments and information.

Some of the assignments will be to create maps, diaries, and posters to use for an oral presentation to the class.

You will need to plan daily meetings to check on each other's progress and to help find materials to create the maps, diaries, and posters that will help the class understand your route, your choice of wagon and animals, as well as other information you think you can show visually.

You will be graded with the rubric that is included at the end of the webquest, so be sure to go over the rubric with your group as a way to check your progress.

Please use the sheet called ACTION PLAN to record your individual jobs and meeting schedule.