Oswego - NYS Test Prep Center

Click on any one of the Social Studies standards links to find a correlating lesson and activity. This site includes lessons, practice, interactive games, teacher resources and literature.  



An interactive game to teach and reinforce the numerous geography strands on a variety of levels.

Netstate llllllllllllllllllllllllllTeacher Guide

General overview of NYS including state symbols, almanac, geography, state maps and quiz, famous New Yorkers, and links to NY newspapers.

Self-Correcting Latitude and Longitude Quiz

American History Maps and ChartslllllllllllllllTeacher Guide

Many varied maps and charts

Introduction to Latitude and Longitude

After reviewing latitude and longitude, click on the links to print out a student activity from the Mariner's Museum.

Printable NYS Map- Detailed
Shaded Relief Map of NY
Printable NYS Map - Basic
Animation of Changing US State Boundaries