Ben's Guide to Government

Historical Documents, Branches of Government, How Laws are Made, National and State Government, Election Process, Citizenship, U.S. symbols, Glossary, Interactive Games - Word Find and Place the State

Office of the Clerk/Kids in the House

An interactive center to help kids learn about the United States House of Representatives and its role in lawmaking. This site has a glossary of government terms, info on government, and how bills and laws are created. Students may "build a bill" of their own.

Thinkquest-The Three Branches of Government

Explains the three branches of government and the responsibilities of each. Includes an interactive trivia quiz to be taken after viewing the site.

Congress for Kids

Enter through the capitol doors to learn about our government. Select Take the Tour and students will be guided through our nation's history. At every step, there is a printout activity for students to test their understanding.




New York State Senate

Students can find out about the three branches of government, how laws are made and link to related games.