A brief overview of NYS history. Includes pertinent and current facts and figures. Scroll down to famous natives and residents for brief bios on native New Yorkers. Click on U.S. on the left menu to view Almanac Sections. Click on each section and search New York.

Liberty! The American Revolution

Timeline, newspaper chronicles and interactive games and activities that let you experience the events related to the American Revolution.

The American Revolution

Use this site to review concepts related to the events leading up to the American Revolution. Each major concept has a interactive quiz with both fill-ins and multiple choice questions. If students miss a question, they can return to the lesson for review.

Political Cartoons for the Classroom

Check out the archives for cartoons on topics that range from women's suffrage to economic scarcity.

 Women's Suffrage



The Library of Congress -Extensive and varied resources related to the campaign for woman suffrage in the United States. Here you'll find 38 pictures, including portraits, photographs of suffrage parades, picketing suffragists, and an anti-suffrage display, as well as cartoons commenting on the movement.

At The Learning Page there are critical thinking activities and ideas for teachers to use with the collection.

Voices For Votes - Students examine a variety of primary source documents related to the women's suffrage movement. They identify different methods people used to influence and change attitudes and beliefs about suffrage for women. Students then create original documents encouraging citizens to vote in current elections.