Task Three

This task will involve

reading and navigating through

a slide show. Your mission here

will be to answer some questions and

to create a labeled diagram of

a flower. You should first

choose a program and set up a

page for you to answer questions on,

and draw an illustration.

Click on the link below, entitled "Children Resemble Their Parents".

After reading the

opening introduction answer the following

questions on the page you've created.

Answer these questions in full sentences.

*Who was Gregor Mendel?

*What was his discovery? 

Next, click on the button at the bottom

of the introduction page entitled"Animation"

This is a slide show about Gregor Mendel

and his work with flowers. Use the

information from this presentation to create

a diagram of a flower, on the page you set up.

Include the stamen, pistil, petal, and leaves

in your drawing.

Have fun!!


Children Resemble Their Parents