The table below shows information about the 4 seasons in Hong Kong. Next to each season, you will find the months that make up that season. The temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. Conditions show what you might find if you walk outside in Hong Kong. What to wear suggests appropriate clothing so you will be comfortable.

SPRING: March to mid-May

Temp: 64 degrees F. to 80 degrees F

Humidity: Around 82%

Conditions: Occasional mist and rain showers

What to wear: Have sweaters and shower proof jackets ready.


Autumn: Late September to early Dec.

Temp: 64 degrees F. to 82 degrees F.

Humidity: Around 72%

Conditions: Sunny and clear. Ideal walking weather.

What to wear: Light clothing for the day, sweaters and light jackets for the evening.

Summer: Late May to mid-September

Temp: 79 degrees F. to 91 degrees F.

Humidity: 80%

Conditions: Normally sunny, but during the typhoon season, there can be heavy rain

What to wear: Short sleeves for outdoor wear on sunny days. Light weight sweater for indoors as restaurants tend to turn up the air-conditioning.


Winter: Mid December to February

Temp: 57 degrees F. to 68 degrees F.

Humidity: Around 72%

Conditions: Sunny, bright and coolish

What to wear: Have woolens and overcoats