#1. Aberdeen is an ancient fishing port. Today, there are brightly decorated boats which double as floating homes. The "junk", or sampan, is a flat bottomed boat pictured above. Thousands of people live aboard these vessels. Some junks carry goods between coastal points of Hong Kong.


#7. Ocean Park is an entertainment complex. There you will find aquariums, dolphin shows and thrilling rides. Giant Pandas, An An and Jia Jia, are waiting to say hello.

#8 and 38. Beaches are beautiful on the Outlying Islands and at Repulse Bay.

#10. Stanley is a traditional market town for both the local people and tourists on the sunny south side of Hong Kong Island. Its fresh air and bargain buys have made this town world famous.

#15. The Cultural Center includes a state of the art Space Museum that features an Omnimax show and astronomy. The Museum of Art displays Chinese antiques, fine art and caligraphy.

#27. Kam Tin Walled Village is centuries old with narrow streets, stone houses and a temple.

#29. Luen Wo Market is a traditional market with stalls selling salted fish, dried mushrooms and "1,000 year old eggs." While Hong Kong has many shopping malls and supermarkets as modern as any in the West, most food shopping is still done at traditional markets like this. These are found everywhere, from one end of Hong Kong to the other.

#30. Mai Po Wetlands is home to some 50,000 water birds during the winter months. It is also home to otters, butterflies, leopard cats and other mammals.

#36. Tsing Ma Bridge is the world's longest road and rail suspension bridge. It connects the New Territories and Lantau Island.

#44. Po Lin Monastary is located on Lantau Island. It is the world's largest, outdoor, seated bronze Buddha statue. 26 meters high and weighing 202 tons, you can reach it by climbing 268 steps.

#45. Tai O Fishing Village is on Lantau Island. Many homes are built on stilts. Some of the people here are descendants of Hong Kong's first settlers.