Your task is to make a scrapbook using pictures, journal entries, letters, artifacts, inspection papers, passport, currency, identification, complete the tasks listed below. You will write a bio-poem, free verse poem, a diary entry and a letter, each pertaining to various parts of the immigration process.

Task 1- Bio-Poem

The format and explanation for each line of the bio-poem will be included in a separate bio-poem hand-out. However, you will need to include the answers to the following questions as part of your bio-poem information. Your bio-poem will also include a family portrait with your country of origin in the background, and a flag of your country.


1. What is your name? your age? your occupation? your country of origin?

2. Who are your family members?

3. What money (currency) do you use?

4. What foods do you eat?

5. Why is your family leaving their homeland behind and risking so much to live in this new country?

6. What prized possessions did you bring with you? Why?

 7. Where do you plan to live once you reach America?