Immigrant Identity 
Different people have been coming to America for hundreds of years. The millions of immigrants
have come from all over the world.


Take on an identity of an immigrant. Research and document the identity.
* Choose a country where immigrants have come from.
* Research using the Internet links.
* Take notes, being sure to include Who, What, Where, When, and Why.
(Planning Page: Print this page if you need help with planning your identity.)
* Organize your notes into a folder labeled with the country and your immigrant's name.

Click on the logo for photos, a timeline and graphs which focus on the "Peopling of America". Click on both the 1880 and 1930 time periods.

Country Research Links:

Thinkquest site: Visit this site before researching your specific country of origin. Many ethnic groups are compiled in this site, with lots of valuable information.


Brief Details: Info about where Germans settled, and when and why Germans left their homeland.
Why Germans Left Home: Read the topic sentences of each paragraph very carefully as they relate the main reasons Germans left home.
German Migration to the U.S.: Read about the causes above the map. Then scroll down and view where German immigrants settled in the United States.
Chronology of Germans in America - Click here for a timeline from the Library of Congress

Chinese Immigration from American Memory
A Brief History of Chinese Immigration to America
Chinese Immigration to the U.S.: A relatively large group of Chinese immigrated to the United States between the start of the California gold rush in 1849 and 1882

Hungarian Immigration Student created site
Austrian - Hungary Immigrants - scroll down for info

Irish Immigration to America
The Irish Immigrants
The History Place - Irish Potato Famine
The Making of a Melting Pot (Increase font size)
The Irish Potatoe Famine

Digital History - Italian Immigration
Italians in the Hudson Valley - Created by students
The Italians
Italian Immigation (Created by students - scroll down for info)
American Memory - Immigration Italian


Polish Immigration into America - Created by students
American Memory - Polish/Russian Immigration
Polish in Pennsylvania - A New Wave of Settlement

Russian Emigration to Pittsburgh: Click here to learn about where many Russian immigrants settled.
American Memory - Polish/Russian Immigration


Swedish Emigration: The tidal wave of Swedish emigration began in the mid 1840s.