Identity Planning Page


My name is ____________________________________________________________.


I am _________ years old. I speak __________________ (language).


My home is in the country of ______________________________________________.


In my country I was a ______________________________ (type of job).


I left my country because __________________________________________________


I came to American in ____________ (date) on the __________________ (name of ship).


My family includes _______________________________________________________.


My wishes for a new life in America are ______________________________________.


When I first saw the Statue of Liberty I said, ___________________________________.


Getting processed at Ellis Island was _________________________________________.


This is what happened at Ellis Island _________________________________________.


In America, I plan to live ____________________________________ (city, state).


My job in America will be _________________________________________________.


America is different from my country in these ways:












The best part about living in America is ______________________________________.




Adapted from Creative Teaching Press Theme (Immigration)