By: Ms. Etra, Ms. Gerson and Ms. L'Abbate



~Hola Muchachos~

Our class has entered a contest to win a fabulous trip to Mexico! We have to prepare for an ad campaign sponsored by the Mexican Travel Bureau. There is so much to do in order to win the trip! Time is short. We are going to divide up into teams so we are prepared to make a winning campaign.




You will have to choose 4 activities from below:


1.Write and illustrate a travel brochure about interesting sites and facts about Mexico.

2. Create a menu of delicious foods which you might find in a Mexican restaurant.

3.Make a Spanish-English dictionary that will help you speak like the natives. Illustrate, too!

4.Make a timeline of historical events of Mexico.

5. Create a graph that displays average monthly temperatures for a city of your choice in Mexico for a 12 month period.

6.Label a map of Mexico.


1. Choose 3 interesting facts on Mexico to create a travel brochure. Using Printshop, create a 3 page travel brochure including pictures and texts (find graphics to go with each fact). Time For Kids

2. Use word search and Mexican Kitchen to create a Mexican menu. Name your restaurant and decorate the cover.

3. Create a Spanish-English dictionary.

4.Complete a timeline of the major events in Mexican History. Using Timeliner, fill in the important dates and events on your timeline.

5 Gather the average monthly temperatures of your favorite Mexican city. Organize your data into a line graph using Appleworks Spreadsheet.

6. Print and label map of Mexico.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed your ad compaign and your team has won the trip!

Pack your bags and grab your passports!