Ye Olde Activity Three



The local tavern is more than just a place to eat and drink. It is also a place to meet and discuss ideas with neighbors and people from the other colonies. You and your friends debate the major issues of the day at Ye Olde Saddle Rock Tavern. Independence is the talk of the colonies. You and your friends decide to form a group to discuss and debate your views. You need to research the important issues and share your findings with your Wallage Village neighbors.

Each member of the group will read about a particular injustice being placed on the colonists. You will then answer questions about the event. Each member must be prepared to share their new knowledge about one of the events with the other members of the group.


Remember, only one person for each event.

Boston Tea Party, 1773

Stamp Act, 1765

Quartering Act, 1765

Boston Masacre, 1770