Ye Olde Activity Three




In this picture, colonists are tarring and feathering a tax collector. This man had been trying to collect the tax that was placed on tea by the British Parliament.

Historical Background:

In 1773, the British Parliament placed a tax on tea that was imported to the colonies from England. Once in the colonies, the tea was sold at a lower price than the tea sold by colonial merchants. In many American ports, the colonists boycotted the tea. It was either sent back to England, or locked up in warehouses and left to rot. In Boston, with the encouragement of The Sons of Liberty, the citizens refused to permit the unloading of three tea ships. During the night of December 16, 1773, the Boston Tea Party took place. Bostonians disguised as Indians boarded the ships and dumped 342 chests (worth $75,000) into the harbor.

1. What does "boycott" mean?

2. What event is taking place on the ships in the background?

3. Why are they doing this?

4. What are they pouring into the tax collector's mouth?

5. Who are the people committing the act?