You are walking down Middle Neck Road on your way to school. You aren't on a bus and you don't have a backpack. You are carrying a slate and a small pail with your lunch. The road is muddy and you were just splashed by a passing wagon. Your school is only the fourth school ever to be built in Great Neck. The first three schools burnt to the ground. Your school is a t-shaped building with only two rooms. There is a white picket fence around the property. The only source of heat is a coal stove called a 'morning glory'. A large bell on the top of the building signals the start of the school day. The year is 1876.



Your class is going to host the Centenial Celebration of our country. To prepare for the festivities, you must first learn how and why our country was founded. While researching your task, you learn that when your ancestors settled in the area, it was known as "Wallage Village" on Wallage Neck. After you have successfully completed each activity below, you will be ready to host the Centential Celebration at Ye Olde Saddle Rock Tavern. Enjoy learning about your community and the founding of our great country!!!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Your quest is to....

Ye Olde Activities

Ye Olde Activity 1 


Ye Olde Activity 2

King George III

Ye Olde Activity 3

Ye Olde Activity 4


Rare Revolutionary Revolations for

Ye Olde Mind