Great Neck Public Schools
Internet Filtering Customization

The enormous task of categorizing and indexing a global network of the size and scope of the Internet to maximize instruction and learning is made even more challenging because of the imperfection of filtering systems and the dynamic nature of the medium. As a result, we encourage users to provide feedback about Web sites they believe are blocked or allowed incorrectly in order to customize our filtering system to meet the educational needs of students and staff. Web sites that fall into either of these categories should be submitted for review via e-mail to or submitted for review via School Dude, our ticketing system. Please list your name, school, the Web site address (URL), a short reason why you believe the site's status should be changed, and whether the request applies to our staff filter only, or for students and staff. Requests are typically reviewed and resolved within a 24-hour period and oftentimes during the same day they are submitted.