Who's Your Coach?

Each school will have one or more coaches who have received additional training with Infinite Campus and will be available to provide assistance to you. These are the people to see if you have a problem with your account or have a question about how to use the system. Here is a list of our Infinite Campus coaches by school:
Elementary Coaches

E.M. Baker
Peggy Aloi
Lisa Malfi
Ronnie Shulman
John F. Kennedy
Barbara Eisenberg
Andrea Gerstenblatt
Margaret Korcynski
Phyllis Feldman
Leslie Watnik
Liz Natter
Saddle Rock
Luci Bradley
Melissa Diamond

Secondary Coaches

North Middle
John Amato
Ron Levine
South Middle
Dee Elzer
North High
Patty Hugo
Helen Kramer
Linda Fontana
South High
Sharon Applebaum
Joan Casazzone
Peggy Mahoney
Village School
Jeff Bernstein