Board of Ed Candidate Aronovich Withdraws

On Wednesday, May 10, Ilya Aronovich, a candidate for a Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education Trustee position, officially withdrew his candidacy. Mr. Aronovich's decision follows the allowable time, according to New York State Education Law, for filing additional nominating petitions. Therefore, Mr. Aronovich's withdrawal does not precipitate the re-opening of the nominating-petition period. His name will not appear on the ballot as ballots had not yet gone to print prior to his decision.

Mr. Aronovich had been running against Rebecca Sassouni for the Board seat currently held by Susan Healy. Ms. Sassouni will now run unopposed. Ms. Healy is not seeking reelection.

Nickolas Kron and Jeffrey Shi remain the candidates running for the Board seat currently held by Lawrence Gross. Mr. Gross is not seeking reelection.

Voting for the Board of Education candidates, School Budget, and Revised Bond Referendum will be held on Tuesday, May 16, from 7 a.m.–10 p.m., at Baker School and at South High School. For additional information, phone (516) 441-4020.