Transporation Services Highlight Web Site Updates

by Marc Epstein, district technology director

September, 2004

              Have you visited the district Web site of the Great Neck Public Schools recently? If not, you may have missed the fresh new look and the updated content and services that the site has to offer. When you visit the redesigned GNPS Web site, you are greeted by friendly school mascots and logos, prominently displayed front and center on the main page, that beckon you to link to and visit each school’s site. The home page now sports a blue and orange motif that reflects our district colors and school spirit. Familiar navigation menus have been retained, with a new row of links that provide faster access to important information such as district news, accolades, and school board meetings.
              Beyond aesthetics, many useful features have been added over the past few months, highlighted by new transportation services. As an outgrowth of winter weather conditions and resulting transportation delays, a new feature called Transportation Alert provides updated information from the Transportation Department during inclement weather conditions. The Transportation Alert link appears on the Transportation Department Web page as well as on the main page of the site, but will change from black to red with flashing red sirens to attract attention when it is activated during a school closing, delayed opening, or early dismissal announcement. During these situations, parents are encouraged to view the Transportation Alert for updated announcements when phone lines may be busy.
              Another new online transportation service will be of particular interest to parents, prospective residents and real estate agents. Using the new “Transportation Search” feature, you can enter a home address to find out the school it is zoned for, the nearest bus stop to that address, and its a.m. and p.m. bus stop times. A street map illustrates the location of the address as a red house, the school as a blue building with a flag, and a nearby school as a green building with a flag. The bus stop is signified by a yellow school bus icon. Below the map under “Other Services,” parents can register for a new e-mail notification system to receive important e-mail messages from the Transportation Department.
              Aside from transportation enhancements, other aspects of the Web site have also been broadened. Board meeting agendas are now posted online on the Board Meetings page prior to each meeting. All district policies are posted in PDF format and indexed for convenience and easy navigation. The Statistics menu provides test results and class profile information of our high school graduating class.
              Did you know that our district has graduated many students who have become famous alumni, including politicians, scientists, astronauts, authors, reporters, entertainers, musicians, and athletes? Content has always been king on the Great Neck Web site, and information such as registration procedures, lunch menus, school calendars, employment opportunities, adult education courses, parent seminars, testing dates, and famous alumni listings have been online for years. The scrolling marquee at the bottom of the main page has provided residents with important district announcements as well, and when the snow falls, regular visitors look forward to the falling snowflake animation which signals the possibility of a snow day. In addition to all this, don’t lose sight of the main focus of the Web site, which is the school, the curriculum and student learning. Each school’s Web site provides a unique and authentic look at the culture, curriculum, course offerings, and club activities of the school.
              All this and more is available at the tips of your fingers with the click of a mouse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at