Birthday Book Donation Program

         The Birthday Book Donation Program was introduced in 2009 by the Shared Decision Making
         Committee. Since “class goody bags” are no longer permitted, this program was designed to
         offer a special way of celebrating your child’s birthday.

         This program has been very successful as our library and classrooms have been enriched with
         many new, wonderful books. Every donated book is marked with a special bookplate
         acknowledging your child’s birthday and will remain in the school for many years to come. The
         donated book is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

         How it works:

         As your child's birthday approaches, a letter will be sent home asking if you would like to
         participate in this special program.  If you are interested, fill out the form, enclose
         your cash donation in a sealed envelope marked "Birthday Book Donations", and return it to school by the date specified. 
         The suggested donation amount is between $10.00 and $15.00.

        On the day of the birthday book selection, a section of the front lobby will be decorated
         and set up with books your child can choose from.  Once the book is selected, the
         bookplate will be adhered to the book with your child's name and birthday.  Your child
         can bring the book back to his/her class.